“After many years of filing I have settled in on using Peerless Saw Plate in my mill.”

- Mike Wyatt, WKO, Inc

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We are proud to formally announce our new west coast sales representative, Jimbo Davis!

Jimbo is well known and respected throughout the territory from his previous 36 years as a saw filer and his record as a former president and officer of the Western Saw filers Educational Association. He prides himself as a third generation saw filer, who will offer his problem solving skills to filing rooms and saw manufacturers throughout the territory.





Since 1931, the people of Peerless Saw Company have done a great job developing a reputation as a solid company of caring employees making and selling reliable products and service.  We’ve inherited this reputation and consider it a privilege to keep it intact.  We will continue to treat our customers, employees and suppliers with respect.


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