Peerless Saw Company History

The Peerless Saw Company opened its doors in 1931, with a factory located in German Village, Ohio.  Peerless started in business manufacturing bandsaw blades for the auto industry.  Over time they eventually started to manufacture circular saw bodies for wood and metal cutting applications.  Today Peerless produces custom made circular saw bodies ready for carbide tipping in sizes from 4” to 40” in diameter.  These are industrial saw bodies used in Primary and Secondary wood cutting.  Customers for primary wood cutting applications are sawmills converting logs into green lumber.  The Secondary market would be those customers cutting dried lumber while manufacturing furniture, wood flooring, or window frames.   There are other niche markets that Peerless sells to and they include metal cutting saws, plastic cutting saws, paper tube saws, tree pruning, etc.

Up until 1985 the company was under private ownership.  In 1985 Ted Montegue sold the company to the Hackman Corporation.  Hackman was a Finnish company based in Helsinki, Finland.  Peerless was a part of the TTT division of Hackman for 14 years.  In September of 1999 the company came back under private ownership when it was acquired by Tim Gase and Ken Lloyd, both of whom were employed at Peerless at the time of the acquisition.  Tim had been the President for 4 years and Ken as the Sales Manager with 25 years at the company.  On July  20, 2016 Peerless Saw became a 100% employee-owned company with the implementation of our new ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).  We are excited to serve you as an employee owned company!

Manufacturing History

Prior to 1981 nearly all manufacturers of circular saw bodies utilized punch presses and mills to generate the saw blade profiles.  The lead times were very long and the process was not flexible. In 1981 Peerless became one of the first companies in the world to utilize laser cutting in a manufacturing environment.  It created unlimited flexibility in the design of the saw body and reduced lead times dramatically.

Currently, Peerless is known in the market for producing one of the highest quality saw bodies available.  We rely on fast deliveries and our high quality product to maintain and grow our position in the market place.

There are several key components to our ability to make a high quality product in a very short time.  It starts by having good people.  Our workforce has a great deal of experience and knows what it takes to get the job done right.  The average tenure of our people is well over 15 years.

The next key major component to our business is our exclusive heat treating process.  The heat treating system at Peerless was designed specifically for our needs.  It is a one piece flow system that instills great flatness into the product from the very start of the hardening process.

In addition to our hardening we rely on our precision laser cutting and grinding machines to give us the flexibility to process orders through our plant more efficiently than anyone in the industry.  With our Gold Medal customer service we are able to ship orders in 1 day if the customer has an emergency need.   This premium service does not come for free but typically price is not the underlying issue.