“Using Peerless Saws was an easy choice to make. The Peerless Saw Company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is a real asset to this company’s goals of producing one of the finest wood products available.”

    – John Day
      Malheur Lumber Company

“We here at Benchmark strongly believe Peerless manufactures the flattest, highest quality guided edger & trim saws in the industry. Their on time delivery and customer support is a great advantage in helping us to meet the needs of our customers.”

  – Jim Myren 
    Benchmark Knife & Saw


Since our Mill startup in December, 2005, we’ve used Peerless products, and we have found the quality and competitive pricing to be right on the mark. I’d suggest to any other companies to check out the product.

  – Brian K. Coventon
     Head Filer, Port Angeles Hardwoods

After many years of filing I have settled in on using Peerless Saw Plate in my mill.  I have found it to take little bench work out of the box to get it ready for tipping.  The maintenance between runs is minimal.   The overall life of the plate is as good if not better than any other plate I have used.

  – Mike Wyatt 
     Lead Filer, WKO