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Peerless Saw Company is pleased to introduce our on-line QUOTE FORM, which allows for custom quotes all day, every day!

Please contact Peerless Sales Team for the following:

  • To receive your Personalized Access Code.
  • Lead times and expedited services on your specific project.
  • For finished bores 3/8″ and under.
  • For unfinished bores other than splines.

Helpful hints for quoting:

  • Access Codes are case-sensitive.
  • Use the “Tab” button to progress through the form.
  • Enter decimals – DO NOT USE fractions.
  • Click the “Calculate” bar to generate or regenerate a new Quote # and price.
  • You may request the quote to be emailed to you and/or have Peerless contact you.

Effective 1-10-18:  All quotes for Thin Rim bodies must be called or faxed into Peerless Saw for quoting; this form no longer can be used for Thin Rims.

Effective 7-1-18:  For diameters equal to or greater than 26″ you must manually add 2% to quote-generated prices!

ORDERING: Please refer to your quote number when calling, faxing or emailing orders based on this quote form.

Kind regards,
Peerless Saw Company Sales Team

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