What We Do

Our primary product line is the custom manufacture of Industrial Grade Circular Saw Bodies, ready for carbide or alloy tipping.  Using the best alloy steels we provide saw bodies from 2" diameter to 55" diameter in thicknesses from .030" to .750".  Our saw bodies are used across the globe processing timber in the toughest sawmill applications, cutting aluminum and other metals in a variety of industrial settings, secondary wood processing of both hardwoods and softwoods, and a multitude of other applications.  Many of our products are made with 8670 alloy steel made in the USA.

We also manufacture steel tooth circular saw blades for a variety of cutting applications.  Either flat ground with set teeth or hollow ground blades that are razor sharp and ready to cut.

Outside of saw bodies and saw blades we manufacture laser cut parts to almost any profile imaginable out of a variety of materials.  Alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, spring steel - you name it and we can provide it.  If you need steel parts, especially parts that are hardened, flat, and precision ground to a tight thickness tolerance we can help.

Our core competencies:

  • Laser Cutting Steel
  • Heat Treating (Hardening) Steel
  • Flattening / Leveling Steel
  • Surface Grinding Steel
  • Machining Steel

Contact one of our sales representatives today at pscsales@peerlesssaw.com or call us at 614-836-5790.

We also believe in doing business the right way.  Honesty & Integrity are hallmarks of our company.  You simply can not be in business since 1931 without treating your employees, customers, and vendors with respect.

what we do
what we do
what we do