Peerless Saw Company History
The Peerless Saw Company opened its doors in 1931, with a factory located in German Village, Ohio. Peerless started in business manufacturing band saw blades for the auto industry. Eventually, the company started to manufacture circular saw bodies ready for carbide tipping for wood and metal cutting applications. Today Peerless produces custom made, industrial use circular saw bodies ready for tipping in sizes from 2” to over 40” in diameter. The majority of Peerless saw bodies are used in the primary wood cutting, secondary wood cutting, and metal cutting markets. The primary market includes sawmills converting logs into green lumber. The secondary market would be those cutting dried lumber to manufacture products such as furniture, wood flooring, or window frames. Peerless Saw also serves other markets including plastic cutting, paper tube cutting, tree pruning, and other niche markets.

Manufacturing History
Prior to 1981, nearly all manufacturers of circular saw bodies utilized punch presses and mills to generate the saw blade profiles. The lead times were long and the process was not flexible. In 1981, Peerless became one of the first companies in the world to utilize laser cutting in a manufacturing environment. It created unlimited flexibility in the design of the saw body and reduced lead times dramatically.

Currently, Peerless is known in the market for producing one of the highest quality saw bodies available. We rely on fast deliveries and our high-quality product to maintain and grow our position in the market place. We are proud our product is trusted in the most challenging of cutting tool applications.

There are several key components to our ability to make a high-quality product in a very short time. It starts by having good people. Our workforce has a great deal of experience and knows what it takes to get the job done right. The average tenure of our employees is over 12 years.

The next key major component to our business is our exclusive heat-treating process. The heat-treating system at Peerless was designed specifically for our needs. It is a one-piece flow system that instills flatness into the alloy steel from the very start of the hardening and quenching process.

In addition to our heat treatment, we rely on our precision laser cutting, surface grinding, and experienced hammer smiths to provide the best value in quality industrial saw bodies.