Who We Are

Peerless Saw Company is people.  Good peoplePeople who strive to do their best each day for our customers.  We do business with honesty, integrity, and a long-term vision in mind for our customers and our business.  We welcome and adapt to change and wish to partner with our customers so we both improve and prosper.  Since 1931, Peerless Saw Company has been there for our customers and we will make the effort every day to continue earning each order.   


The Peerless Saw Company Philosophy

Since 1931, our company was formed on some very simple beliefs that we still follow today.

Treat your customers and your employees as you would wish to be treated yourself. 

We’re all customers at one time or another and we’ve all experienced poor quality or poor service. Usually, we quietly find another supplier that will do a better job. Thankfully, through the years, the founders of Peerless and its many employees have succeeded in satisfying our customers with high quality and reliable service. In turn, the company has provided a safe and hospitable place of employment that offers opportunities for growth and personal satisfaction. Judging by the average of 12 years term of service among current employees, many continue to enjoy their careers at Peerless.

Work hard to continuously improve the quality and service we offer to our customers.

We constantly search for new opportunities that will help serve our customers. Whether it is purchasing innovative laser technology, adding a new resale product line, developing new production cells that improve delivery, or finding better ways to communicate with each other and our customers, we never stop striving for improvement to meet our customers' needs.

Maintain an ethical and moral approach to all facets of our business.  

We love the challenge of competition and take great pride in our success. But, we know what’s right and what’s wrong. We don’t talk about our competition. We prefer to let our product quality and service speak for us. We pay our bills on time and aren’t shy about asking our customers to pay within terms, as well. If our customers have a complaint about our performance, we do everything we can to respond fairly to those complaints. We do our best to take the high road when faced with ethical choices.

Since 1931, the people of Peerless Saw Company have done a great job developing a reputation as a solid company of caring employees making and selling reliable products and service. We’ve inherited this reputation and consider it a privilege to keep it intact. We will continue to treat our customers, employees and suppliers with respect.